Adult classed have been created for the dancer who wants to come along just for some fun and fitness.  



Ballet classes focus on classical technique. A class in ballet will improve your dance technique, posture, rhythm, co-ordination, stamina, flexibility and balance. 

Jazz/ Dance Fitness 

A high energy class where students can learn jazz and hip hop technique while socialising and having fun.  These classes can improve stamina, posture, coordination,  flexibility and confidence. 



7:00 – 7:30 Adult Ballet

7:30-8:00 Adult Dance Fitness.

Classes may be added on request. 


Term Dates -2022

Term 1:
Commences on Thursday, January 27- Finishes on Saturday, April 2 (10 weeks) 


Term 2:
Commences on Thursday, April 21 - Finishes on Saturday, June 25 (10 weeks) 

Term 3:
Commences on Thursday, July 14 - Finishes on Saturday, September 17 (10 weeks) 

Term 4:
Commences on Thursday, October 6- Finishes on Saturday, December 10 (10 weeks)